About Us

The Kern County Board of Trade is responsible for promoting and marketing Kern County. Founded in 1888 with the mission to “extol the virtues of Kern County to the East,” the Board of Trade specifically administers:

  • Kern County’s official tourism bureau, providing visitor information and promoting Kern County as a travel/tourism destination.   Tourism Bureau Web Site       Visitor’s Guide
  • The Kern County Film Commission, providing permits and services for film, television and commercial production, as well as marketing Kern County as a location for filming.   Film Commission Web Site
  • Information on Kern County as one of California’s premiere retirement destinations with information on housing, activities, services and quality of life.

Each of these areas has a significant economic influence in Kern County.

The Board of Trade also serves as administrator of the county’s Tourism Promotion Grant Program and conducts a number of special events to raise the profile and influence of Kern County, including the annual State of the County Dinner.